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At Sunrise Wellness, we have many resources at our disposal to aid our clients on their path to wellness. From in-depth hair analysis labs to lifestyle changes, we have tools to help get to the root problem areas and achieve the health goals you create. We help facilitate changes to a healthier life and improved wellness. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals through integrated holistic medicine.

The Chronic Chronicles: Empowered Wellness with Isabelle, a Holistic Health Practitioner
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In this episode, we talk about Isabelle’s  personal journey with endometriosis, hEDS, and POTS while also talking about wellness and holistic medicine.

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Whole Woman Health: S5:E4 Endometriosis & Whole Health with Isabelle
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Discussion Topic: Whole Woman Health, Ep S5:E4 Endometriosis & Whole Health with Isabelle owner of Sunrise Wellness and Holistic Health - Apr 13, 2024

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Bold Journey Interview: Meet Isabelle Giandomenico
Bold Journey: Meet Isabelle Giandomenico
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Wellness Wave Radio Interview with Isabelle Giandomenico
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About Isabelle GianDomenico
Isabelle Giandomenico

From a young age, I have been passionate about the health sciences. I have dedicated myself to assisting others in enhancing their well-being.

At the age of thirteen, my life took a challenging turn. I began experiencing incapacitating chronic pelvic and lower back pain, battling constant fatigue. After ruling out structural abnormalities and other health concerns, medical professionals suspected I was displaying symptoms of endometriosis. I took various medications--each with their own side effects--and consulted with many doctors. Yet I still suffered.

Determined to find relief, I sought out chiropractors and explored holistic health services. This resulted in a notable improvement in my quality of life. The progress inspired me to embark on a career in holistic health services. While endometriosis is still a part of my life, holistic medicine instilled new hope within me. It provided me with alternative avenues for managing my symptoms.

I am committed to being a compassionate listener. I focus on my client's needs and support them in achieving their own health goals. I recognize the value of integrating both holistic and traditional medicine. I guide my clients to healthy eating habits and awareness of their nutritional needs.

The services offered at Sunrise Wellness & Holistic Health empower women with support. We make a positive impact in the lives of others by blending holistic and traditional approaches. We foster well-being and support women through their unique challenges.

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